Welcome To Crezelia

Thanks for taking some time to get to know us. The question is, why should you work with Crezelia in matters relating to entrepreneurship? There are many reasons, but we would like to focus on three.

Firstly, we are strongly oriented towards action. We need assessments and plans, but we love execution. We are not spectators, we are players. This is the aristotelian logos behind our company. Secondly, we are emotionally committed. We love what we do and we only accept a project if it is capable of emotionally involving all the stakeholders in something that could create real value for society: our pathos. Last but not least, our team has multidisciplinary expertise both in sectors and regions. This is who we are, our ethos.

Let’s talk.

Who Is Crezelia

Crezelia's Vision
We strive to develop entrepreneurship projects , building on their existing assets to strengthen and empower them.
Crezelia's Mission
We work to become part of those entrepreneurship projects that create real value for society.
Crezelia's Values
We are highly focused on execution. We only accept projects if they create real value for society. We develop projects in real world scenarios, wary of solely academic perspectives. We consider that people are what make the difference. We emphasize our belief that success lies in attention to detail.
Crezelia's Competitive Advantage
We are a Barcelona-based company with a worldwide focus, with an experienced, multidisciplinary and action-oriented team that develops entrepreneurship ecosystems driven by attention to detail at a natural pace.

Our Skills

Execution Oriented 100%
People Oriented 100%
Focused in Creating Real Value for Society 100%
Players, not Spectators 100%

Francisco Gil Acea

Francisco Gil AceaPartner
More than 20 years’ experience as Board Member, General Manager, Commercial Manager, and in start-up community development worldwide. Telecommunications Engineer, MBA-IESE.

Working on the answers to this question: IF your gain fixes a pain, IF your proposal adds real value, IF you have a repeatable, scalable and profitable project, HOW are you going to get which customers and where are you going to get the money from?