Crezelia: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Symphony Orchestra

At Crezelia we either play instruments or conduct the full orchestra. Not all places show same level of maturity for developing a start-up community, so the way in which we kick off must be different. In any case, we should start walking!


If you are an entrepreneur surviving in a chaotic environment, someone who needs help discovering, validating and growing customers and who strongly believes that sales is the ultimate proof that you are offering a gain to fix a pain, we will be very pleased to work with you. It is very likely that in your degree course or MBA you will have been provided with a proven methodology for working in the known business environment, not in the unknown territory of entrepreneurship. Here Newton Mechanics does not work. Learn More


If you are willing to invest in entrepreneurship, you should be aware that success can only be achieved when people from different backgrounds (entrepreneurs and you) all tune into the same wavelength . For entrepreneurs, finding an investor means introducing a stranger into the setup; for an investor, an entrepreneur is a walking risk. We focus on improving investment management by setting out a systematized work plan that integrates the way reality is perceived by both entrepreneurs and investors, two sides of the same coin. We can’t wait to work with you.Learn More


We truly believe that any city in the world has the opportunity to develop a start-up community. It is not a one-day task and it requires dedication, a specific approach, and a certain period of time. This type of community offers a sustainable path towards economic growth based on a series of new companies, while at the same time reducing the risk associated with economies driven by big companies focused on mature markets. If this approach is what you are looking for, we are happy to work with you.Learn More

Higher Education

Universities and Higher Education organizations have five resources relevant to entrepreneurship – professors, students, entrepreneurship programs, technology transfer offices and, most important of all, students. Every year a new group of young people arrives on campus. Some of them will work for start-ups, others will create their own start-ups and others still will work for already existing big companies. If you would like to attract young students with entrepreneurial attitude and help society to build sustainable growth, let’s talk about it. Learn More


The most important problem we identify in start-ups is that they often focus on the product rather than the customer. Although this is a trending topic in entrepreneurship, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to get rid of this bad habit. If they get stuck in this approach, sales will be elusive while cash is burnt. Money will then become the oxygen needed to keep the business alive, but the more they look for money, the less they focus on sales and the less money comes in. This is a catch-22 situation that must be avoided. Need help? You can count on us.Learn More


If you want to share your thoughts in an open discussion, we will be glad to speak with you. Come on, let’s talk! Learn More