Crezelia’s Four Areas of Expertise

At Crezelia we strongly believe in long-term sustainable entrepreneurship projects to drive regional economic growth. Every single area of the world has specific assets that can be developed, whether they be tourism, health or anything else. What is normally lacking is coordination of the four key players we deal with—entrepreneurs, investors, governments and universities—and this is where we can show our expertise. These are the four areas where we can offer our experience; areas that play different roles in the establishment of a long-term project, although we believe that entrepreneurs must always be the leaders. The rest should act as feeders, all of them equally important.
This is the symphony orchestra of entrepreneurship. It is neither a quick nor an all-in-one process. What is important is launching it and letting it move forward along a natural progression. Sometimes you need to begin with the help of government, offering attractive (but sustainable) conditions for entrepreneurs to join the region. Sometimes you need to start training potential entrepreneurs and investors, sometimes you need to join together the investment capabilities of several investors willing to put some money into attractive projects, and other times you need to help entrepreneurs to trace out a structured path to be followed in order to develop their start-ups.

Whatever the case, we help to generate this long-term sustainable growth by fostering start-up projects for a specific area based on its specific assets.


An idea is not a business. This is the difference we focus on. Crezelia tends towards a lean approach in its search for the best results. We strongly believe that sales, customer acceptance, is the only way of proving an idea is an opportunity.Learn More


It is clear that money is a key factor for an opportunity to be successful, but it is clearer still that investors should be involved in both teams and projects they feel passionate about. With this spirit, Crezelia links investors, projects and teams.Learn More


Governments play a key role in the development of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. At Crezelia we work with them to foster the adaptation of their hierarchical organization to a networked model that allows for successful entrepreneurship.Learn More

Higher Education

At Crezelia we work together with universities to achieve two clear outcomes: attracting students to entrepreneurship and offering pragmatic, results-oriented training based on real-world scenarios for both investors and entrepreneurs.Learn More

Crezelia’s Other Services

Not all places have reached the level of maturity needed to build up an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. At Crezelia, we provide additional services for entrepreneurs, investors, governments and universities. The common aspect of all our services is our action–oriented approach: we assess, propose and drive the execution of our proposals.

The most important problem we identify in start-ups is that they often focus on the product instead of the customer. Although this problem is a trending topic in entrepreneurship, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to get rid of this bad habit. If they get stuck in this approach, sales will be elusive while cash is burnt. Money will then become the oxygen needed to keep the business alive, but the more they look for money, the less they focus on sales and the less money comes in. This is a catch-22 situation that must be avoided.

  • Sales are life. We help entrepreneurs to focus on attaining real market acceptance.
  • We work together with entrepreneurs on their sales to increase pre-money valuation and investors’ interest in the project, while reducing capital dilution and guaranteeing the survival of the start-up.
Most entrepreneurs are in love with Excel spreadsheets, but these are not a reflection of the real world. At Crezelia we simplify things and we help them understand how important cash is and why they should build a scenario that helps them understand what to do if worse comes to worst, and more specifically, what we will then do. We help them to build just-in-case buffers, cards up their sleeve that they can play when necessary.

  • No cash, no game. We help entrepreneurs focus on understanding how crucial cash is, and how they should react in particular scenarios.
  • No measurements, no game. You cannot improve something that you do not measure, but at the same time you shouldn’t measure everything or else you will be too bogged down with analysis.
  • If you want to play the game, the secret is in the execution: to be cautious in forecasting but aggressive in execution
Although execution is the key, no execution can be successful without knowing where you want to go. To quote Seneca, “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” We help entrepreneurs by challenging their business models, benchmarking them with what other players are doing and looking for sustainable and easily-perceivable added value for customers.

  • We make it easy to implement, understandable for customers, attractive for investors and find out what other players are doing.
  • We look for lock-ins and recurring revenues in the model.

At Crezelia we believe there is no way for a start-up to be successful without a crystal clear understanding of who is going to pay how much for what and when. We challenge entrepreneurs’ first ideas by looking for a sustainable, recurring revenue model with added value that shows a significant lock-in to guarantee cash income. We strongly emphasize that knowing that plans can and will change does not mean there should not be a clear initial plan to be tested.

  • Monetization is king, because cash is king
  • At Crezelia we encourage entrepreneurs to have an initial monetization model (although this can and will change). This forces them to focus on real world scenarios.

At Crezelia we never tire of stressing that investors do not invest in projects, but in teams that lead projects. We challenge entrepreneurs to analyze their composition, who is doing what, who is hands-on and hands-off, who works well together, and the differences between the roles of partner and supplier. No project will ever succeed if it doesn’t have the right team leading it.

  • At Crezelia we assess and challenge the composition of teams, helping entrepreneurs to gain an objective perspective of roles so they can build the most appropriate team.
  • Whatever kind of business we are dealing with, we emphasize the importance of having the right person focused on sales. Once again— no sales, no game.
  • Specifically when dealing with online projects, we consider that an in-house engineer is a must, although we totally disagree with all-tech teams because they are generally product biased.

At Crezelia we consider the right investor must be emotionally involved in the project. Return on investment is a must, but it is not enough. We work together with investors to understand their needs and offer them those projects that match their interests. We believe in intelligent investors who get involved, and that is something that can only happen when an investor is interested in the project.

  • At Crezelia we work together with individual investors to understand the kind of specific investment would they like to get involved in, both on a rational and, especially, on an sentimental level
  • We see investments not only as raw money, but as something personal. Investors should be involved in the team, be accepted and accepting, which is why we check personal affinities between investors and entrepreneurs

Why Choose Us

      • Action Oriented: Ideas + Actions = Results
      • Worldwide focus
      • Experienced and multidisciplinary
      • A natural rhythm: Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems at the right pace
      • We truely believe that only attention to details will lead to success

What Client’s Say

Working with Crezelia has been an excellent and enriching experience. In our project in Nicaragua they have demonstrated great analytical and strategic skills to understand and adapt to new realities and partners. We recommend working with Crezelia.
Miquela Vanrell, America Central ACCD Representative - Managua (Nicaragua)
With Crezelia you develop real business. With its support and experience in entrepreneurship we will develop strategic alliances in West Africa to fight against poverty and achieve sustainable and intelligent development in the country. We are convinced this will happen.
Rui Alvaro Serra da Costa Reis, Mozambique ACCD Representative - Maputo (Mozambique)
We work with full dedication and mutual understanding. We have collaborated in different projects and also together with the Government of Andorra, and we have always been impressed by their analytical vision, foresight and the importance given to people. With Crezelia, my company and I are better.
Josep Maria Betriu, President Leading - (Andorra)
At the Venture Academy (Jan´ 2013) we’ve got the elements helping an investor to invest”
Danielle Kouyo, CEO Ivoirienne d'Energies - (Ivory Coast)