I ended up the previous post wondering the reasons why I have remained as an entrepreneur during these last twenty years. I have only one answer: it is a deadly poison. When the entrepreneurship bug bites you, you cannot get rid of the poison. Once you started your first company, with its pros and cons, sweet and bitter, it is impossible to come back to the quiet life of working for someone.


There is no logical explanation. At least, I don’t have it. Your chances of winning more money being an Executive in a medium or large company are higher than if you start a personal adventure. Social recognition too. The workload of an employee ends when the workday ends. There are guaranteed vacations and pay, you know… If the company goes wrong and they end up dismissing you, you can benefit from unemployment compensation. When sick, whether by accident or by common contingency (a disease), you get your salary from Social Security.


Nothing like that happens to the entrepreneur. It is not only about the income: here if you do not sell, no party! Social recognition does not occur when you have already managed to carve a good terroir and the fruits are becoming evident. Your work goes with you wherever you go. There is no peace for the “entrepreneurial engine”. There is no working time. It’s working life. Holidays sound like a chimera that others live. And when they exist, they are always, always, interrupted several times by calls, by requirements, by the unforeseen. The slavery of the mobile phone is particularly relevant at this point. And, what about the unemployment benefits? Almost all entrepreneurs that I know are “self-employed”, so no right to unemployment benefits. Never.

Finally, those self-employed (and I believe that this concept includes all entrepreneurs who we are in this country), are a wonder of nature: they never fall sick. Labor causes induced immunity :) Either by the inability to maintain a minimum income or by the affective link with the project. We cannot afford the disease. We deny the existence of health alterations, many times until it is impossible to physically remain in the gap.

Therefore, the only answer can be: being an entrepreneur is a ruinous business that has only disadvantages and few rewards. Therefore why persisting in being entrepreneur? I have only one response: because you do not understand happiness if it is not with all the above mentioned features. Commitment to the project and loyalty to an idea. I said that at the beginning: we are poisoned.