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Let’s imagine you have some money you would like to invest in entrepreneurship. Investment is a key process in any start-up community, but success can only be achieved when people from different backgrounds (entrepreneurs and investors) tune into the same wavelength. For entrepreneurs, finding an investor means introducing a stranger into the setup; for an investor, an entrepreneur is a walking risk. What we focus on is improving investment management by defining a systematized work plan that includes human behavior as a key success factor.

How we help

Investor self-assessment
Do you really want to invest in a start-up? Do you really understand what it means? Is it a fad or is it what you really want? These are some questions we will ask you to gain an understanding of your profile, interests and specific goals and to see how these goals line up with start-up investment. Due to its very specific features, the desire to invest in a start-up must be clearly understood before taking the first step. It is a risky investment. Only when this is fully understood can we consider entering the private investment process, defining desirable investment attributes, targeting investment opportunities and evaluating the potential company to invest in.
Opportunities, negotiation and operation structuring
If you have ultimately decided you want to go ahead and invest in start-ups, we can work together to establish the basis for identifying investment opportunities and company evaluations. We can help with project evaluation techniques and opportunity assessment. Following this, we can go into more detail and dive into topics like entrepreneur-investor negotiations, due diligence and the structuring of operations.
Last but not least, once you have decided you are in you must also decide how and when you will get out. You are investing in a company to get a return. You know the risk, but if things don’t pan out in the right direction you must secure your liquidity.
Nice opportunities

Nice opportunities

Start-up communities should produce higher returns than other kinds of investment if an appropriate business development procedure is followed. However, it is still true that eight out of ten start-ups will collapse in a short period of time. Only if you invest your money in a well-managed start-up community will you come out ahead.

Close tracking

Close tracking of your investment

We understand that investment is more than just a series of meetings with investors. The devil is in the details, so we focus on non-vanity metrics from the very beginning, not saying what the investor wants to hear but what they should hear.

Get excited

It is not just money

We do not believe that just putting some money in a project is enough. We strongly believe in building a team between investor and entrepreneur where each one understands its role. Without involvement, there can be no success. If you do not believe in the project, if it is something it does not excite you by itself, we will not recommend you to invest.