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Universities and Higher Education organizations have five resources relevant to entrepreneurship: professors, students, entrepreneurship programs, technology transfer offices and, most important of all, students. Every year a new group of young people arrives on campus. Some of them will work for start-ups, others will create their own start-ups and others still will work for existing big companies. If you would like to attract young students with entrepreneurial attitude and help society to build sustainable growth, we can help you.

How we help

Getting the Entrepreneurship Center out from the Business School
Business Schools were developed for working within known parameters, while entrepreneurship is related with unknown parameters. Those methods validated in an MBA should not be applied in a start-up until it has shown itself to be repeatable, scalable and profitable. Establishing an Entrepreneurship Department in the wrong place will stop it from taking off. We believe that cross-pollination between departments is the best guarantee of success.
The Most Important Thing Is Getting Started
If you are interested in developing entrepreneurship in society and providing a framework for doing so through your university, we think you should take things one step at a time. You will be working on a new project, venturing into unknown terrain, so you should forget about heavy planning for possible future scenarios. We will help you to build tailor-made courses with a practical focus (Customer Discovery, Sales, Finance, Business Model, etc.) that gradually give rise to something much larger. The important thing is to get started!
Feeding a leading entrepreneurial University
If you would like your university to be well-known for its entrepreneurial activity, to paraphrase Brad Feld, you need “A community catalyst, where information spillovers occur. A magnet, teacher and pipeline for the next generation of entrepreneurial talent, and finally a source of insight, ranging from innovative ideas to fundamental understandings.” This should progress naturally, and we can help in that respect.
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Fresh Blood into the System

Universities and Higher Education organizations provide a steady stream of intelligence that could be attracted to entrepreneurship in many different ways. Many young students do not want to join megacorporations because they will not be able to have a tangible impact on the company’s success.


Universities Could Be a Great Hub of Entrepreneurial Activity

Universities have great spaces to work in, including auditoriums and other facilities that can be used by the start-up community. This is an opportunity to attract talent and feed the ecosystem, nurturing it with conceptual capacities while getting people in touch from a very pragmatic (not just “paper-oriented”) point of view.


Be Pragmatic: Archimedes’ Law of the Lever

In your area you have some assets, there’s no doubt about it. Why not take advantage of that fact and build a start-up community to grow something out of those assets?