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Do you want to find a practical way of boosting entrepreneurship in your region or local area? We strongly believe that any city in the world is capable of developing a start-up community. It is not a one-day task and it requires dedication, a specific approach, and a certain period of time. This type of community offers a sustainable path towards economic growth based on a series of new companies and at the same time reducing the risk associated with economies driven by big companies focused on mature markets. If this entrepreneurial approach is what you are looking for, we can help.

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Synchronization between Government and Entrepreneurs
Governments are well-intentioned but often out of sync with entrepreneurial behavior. Governments have less money for funding than people think, and that creates a big mismatch in terms of expectations. In addition, very few people in government have a background as entrepreneurs and it is difficult for them to understand start-ups in depth. Finally, governments move (and must move) slower, functioning on four-year cycles, while entrepreneurs talk about periods of days and weeks.
Defining the Government's Role as a Feeder not a Leader
A start-up community must be driven by entrepreneurs, not by government. Our position is that government exists to support, not to create; to stimulate agendas, not to invest or create entrepreneurial activity. Having said that, its role is still highly important—we cannot develop a start-up community without government involvement as a feeder.
Matching Hierarchical Structure with Networked Entrepreneurs
Governments have clear roles, chains of command and processes to allocate and approve resources. In other words they operates in a hierarchy, while the best start-up communities operate as networks—several leaders working in parallel on different initiatives. Talking about entrepreneurship and government thus generates an oxymoron, but only on the surface; they are two sides of the same coin.

Bottom up vs. Top Down

Entrepreneurs work bottom up and governments work top down. This should be taken into consideration and managed properly.


Action vs. Policy

Entrepreneurs like action while governments focus on policy. This difference of approach must be taken into consideration to avoid wasting enormous amounts of energy and generating frustration.

Impact vs control

Impact vs. Control

Impact is a key word for entrepreneurs. While in a hierarchical system like that of governments you seek control; in a networked system you seek impact. It is absolutely impossible to control a start-up community. A start-up community evolves quickly and does not require a long-term structure but rather a lean and adaptable one.