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Start-ups are not small companies looking for growth but temporary organizations in search of a business model that is scalable, repeatable and profitable. Once you start, you have no idea where you will end up because you are in permanent search mode. First you need to locate your customers and then you need to validate them. Only if these two steps are achieved can you keep on moving to scale the business.

How we help

Customer Discovery
By means of design thinking, prototyping, customer insights, empathy mapping, mind mapping, storytelling and ideation, we help entrepreneurs to set out their ideas on a canvas. Later on, based on these hypotheses, tests are conducted that can turn them (or not) into reality.
Customer Validation
With the knowledge gained from customer discovery, we test we can produce a repeatable, scalable and profitable model. In other words, we check if adding $100 in sales & marketing can generate a $200+ return.
Customer Creation & Company Build up
Once the customer is validated, we work together with entrepreneurs to cross the chasm that separates the earlyvangelists from the mainstream. We should not only be accompanied by early birds now— more and more customers should be joining us. We no longer have a start-up, but a company which must go through a smooth transition to be managed in a radically different way.
no pain no gain

Are you sure that this is a gain for a pain?

Your mother is not the market. The founders of a company have a vision of the product they want to offer, but customers and markets must be found and validated for these hypotheses. No pain, no gain.

business plan

Don’t like business plans? Neither do we!

“No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy” said Field Marshall Helmut Graf von Moltke. In the same way, heavy, static business plans drafted over hundreds of pages, three centimeters wide and weighing two pounds will never be adaptable enough to survive in the unknown environment faced by start-ups on a daily basis. What we need are business models rather than business plans—the ability to react rather than to nervously move forward.


Presumption of Success is the mother of all excess

Vanity and gluttony are two dangerous sins that all start-ups should fight against. Assuming we have found the model to be replicated or being in a hurry to find it leads to premature scaling and thousands of dollars wasted. We do everything we can to avoid entrepreneurs spending one dollar more than is necessary.