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Hola! We would love to hear from you. Whether you are an entrepreneur interested in developing your project somewhere, an investor looking for a project with sentimental value (as well as a return, of course), a government body interested in developing an entrepreneurship project in a specific sector and area, or a university that would like to apply its knowledge to the real world by developing start-ups that create value, we are interested in finding out more about you.

We strongly believe in the entrepreneurship ecosystem concept, but as something natural, not forced. We believe it should develop in the same way as relationships do—you don’t search for the love of your life; you find them.

If you are an entrepreneur, share with us your concerns regarding monetization, sales, or business models. If you are an investor, share your failures and your success stories, and most importantly, what would make you happy (not just money). If you are a government body, share with us your concerns on how to boost economic activity in your region, and we will show you how entrepreneurship can be the answer. If you are a university, share with us all the potential you have and your ideas on how this could be transferred from the classroom to the real world. We have expertise and experience that could be helpful.