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    Public-Private Collaboration Is Key To Entrepreneurship In mHealth

Public-Private Collaboration Is Key To Entrepreneurship In mHealth

The traditional model of health care delivery is no longer sustainable. As demand continues to grow due to an increasingly elderly population and the unstoppable growth of chronically ill people, the current economic crisis has imposed a significant reduction in health care spending. (more…)

The Difficulty Of Entrepreneurship In The Health Sector

When we tried to figure out how the future will be in the field of medicine, we tend to think in revolutionary drugs or in advanced medical and diagnostic devices. However, it is perhaps in the field of information and communication technologies where we will see major breakthrough innovations and where the greatest opportunities will emerge.

Government and Entrepreneurship

Governments are usually formed by well-intentioned people that want to creates jobs, generate taxes to use for the public good and so on, but these aims can sometimes run contrary to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Having said that, entrepreneurs and management (or governments and their departments) can, and should, understand each other. The 113 second speech of Barack Obama on January 31, 2011 showed what Governments can do for entrepreneurs. (more…)