What we do

Crezelia helps Entrepreneurs, Investors, Universities and Governments to develop Entrepreneurship

Crezelia is a Barcelona-based company focused on helping to develop entrepreneurship.Together with stakeholders, we choose a pragmatic, step-by-step approach and there is one point we are very clear on—we are totally convinced that the real measure of success is the bottom line.

What we do


An idea is not a business, and this is the difference we focus on. Crezelia tends heavily towards a lean approach looking for the best results. The only way to demonstrate that an idea is an opportunity is through customer acceptance, and that means sales. Learn More


It is clear that money is a key factor for an opportunity to be successful, but it is truer still that investors should be involved in both teams and projects they feel passionate about. With this spirit, Crezelia links investors, projects and teams. Learn More


Governments play a key role in the development of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. At Crezelia, we work together with them to promote the adaptation of their hierarchical organizations to the networked model that defines entrepreneurship.Learn More

Higher Education

At Crezelia we work with Universities and Higher Education organizations to achieve two key outcomes: attracting students to entrepreneurship and offering very pragmatical, results-oriented courses to both entrepreneurs and investors.Learn More

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What Clients Say

Working with Crezelia has been an excellent and enriching experience. In our project in Nicaragua they have demonstrated great analytical and strategic skills to understand and adapt to new realities and partners. We recommend working with Crezelia.
Miquela Vanrell, America Central ACCD Representative - Managua (Nicaragua)
With Crezelia you develop real business. With its support and experience in entrepreneurship we will develop strategic alliances in West Africa to fight against poverty and achieve sustainable and intelligent development in the country. We are convinced this will happen.
Rui Alvaro Serra da Costa Reis, Mozambique ACCD Representative - Maputo (Mozambique)
We work with full dedication and mutual understanding. We have collaborated in different projects and also together with the Government of Andorra, and we have always been impressed by their analytical vision, foresight and the importance given to people. With Crezelia, my company and I are better.
Josep Maria Betriu, President Leading - (Andorra)
At the Venture Academy (Jan´ 2013) we’ve got the elements helping an investor to invest”
Danielle Kouyo, CEO Ivoirienne d'Energies - (Ivory Coast)